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10/25/03 Group Conscious Meeting

Group Conscious Meeting 10/25/03
The group conscious meeting began shortly after Susan's speaker
meeting. Rick alias "Ruiseart" chaired the meeting. There were
about 22 present. The first topic of discussion was to elect a
secretary. It was clarifies that in order to vote a person had to
be a member of the group with a desire to be nicotine free. The job
of a secretary was defined as the following 1)the person needs to be
3 months free of nicotine 2) takes down the minutes at group
meetings and business meetings 3) keep the group informed of any
upcoming events 4)helps by putting together the welcome packets. It
was unanimous that 2 should occupy this job due to the size of the
group. Cathy "angel mist" and Carol "cgodwin" were elected to
fulfill the position.
The next issue discussed was about the proxy vote. It was
suggested that we take the vote from the group conscious meeting,
post the minutes and agenda, and the other members who weren't able
to attend the meeting would vote by proxy by going into the database
to cast their vote. The voting by proxy qualifications and
regulations were presented as follows: Logs of the meetings can be
obtained and/or with Minutes posted to the boards with the
header "Minutes or Logs of (Date) Group Conscious Meeting"
logs means all that is being scrolled now,,
from the beginning of the meeting
b) Members must be joined to the unofficialnicanon website and
allow only one vote per person. Multi-Screen name to the same person
will be disqualified completely. c) Voting deadline/closing is one
week from the group conscious meeting.
d) Voting is to be done in the database area of the
unofficialnicanon website but questions pretending to database maybe
referred to an offshoot web page or posting with link address or
message number referred too for clarification.
The database is located in the main group site
the database will be designed by a moderator
A vote was then taken regarding the issue and it was unanimous.
After the vote there was chat about other concerns that would be
brought up at other meeting. The proxy vote was the main concern of
this meeting.
All was well as the lengthy meeting was adjourned

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