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8/22/09 Group Conscious Meeting

Group Conscious Meeting
8/22/09 @ 1:15 pm in Paltalk
We held our Group Conscience Meeting on Saturday, after the regularly scheduled Nicotine Anonymous meeting.
Here is a summary:
As a form of celebrating the anniversary of Unofficial Group, an 'invitation' will be sent to group members, and also to VONR members, to share their stories. It will 'accumulate', in a similar manner to what Hippie already does with the Traditions..
Carol has agreed to take over the position of chairing the GC meetings, as we have lost our stately Kim, who formerly ran the GC meetings with great aplomb and much circumstance.....and who will be GREATLY missed.
BUT, we all appreciate the time we DID have, and thank Kim for his lengthy time of service!
It was also agreed upon to turn the Welcome Letters over to Joy. Thank you, Joy, for being of service!
I'm not certain if we set a new date for the next GC meeting. This is about all I can remember. Should there be more, PLEASE add to this!:o)
Also, Ms. Carol did a FINE job of herding the, I mean......getting the job done. Thank you, Carol!
Linda C....former hopeless nicotine addict.

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