TRADITION THREE: The only requirement for Nicotine Anonymous membership is a desire to stop using nicotine.
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Group Conscious 08-11-08

Group Conscious Meeting

Date 8/11/08

Time 10:00 EST

Previous Minutes: None; the group has decided to start over with a clean slat.

Chair persons: Carol R

Attendance: 4


1) Ideas on how to get the message out about our meetings

It was discussed and was approved that we develop a “Help Wanted” type letter asking for chairs and co-chairs. It is to include:

A) Who could chair the meetings … Anyone can chair a meeting so long as they have a desire to quit using nicotine,

B) If they can consistently do the meeting at the time as scheduled. It does not matter what time the meeting is done, just so long as you can do them. (We understand life, and know some things can’t be helped but the aim is to try to do them or find someone to cover for if all possible.)

C) New chairs may ask to be a co-chair of a meeting until they feel comfortable with how to them solo.

D) Kim will put the “Help Wanted” letter together and post it to the boards as he feels it is needed to be posted.

2) When and where setting up future Group Conscious meetings.

We will be meeting on the second Monday of the month at 10 AM, monthly in

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