TRADITION THREE: The only requirement for Nicotine Anonymous membership is a desire to stop using nicotine.
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GC 05-02-09

Group Conscious Meeting

DATE: 5/2/09

TIME: 11:15


Topic: Welcome Letter from Carol R

A Motion was made:- Linda to revise current letter for review on the board and further submission to the next GC meeting and this motion passed.

It was clarified that we have two welcome letters – one in which is auto generated by yahoo and the other is personally sent out by Carol R from her e-mail address. It the one we are talking about is from Carol R.


It was agreed and passed that we are to start new group on paltalk since our group is already so small that will take the name of “Unofficial NicAnon” . It will not longer have the “jcwrevalee” name attached to it – this way if it is to be handed over to someone else or if it is shared by someone else – then it will not be personal and will be easier to give up. The new group address is:

If you want a hat please contact carolwrevalee @ gmail .com

Topic: John’s Conference Report

John (oldhippiedude) is now the Online Contact person for WSO. Congratulations John! He also talked about Our New text book coming out. It will be much bigger. Also about meeting up with our founder of Nicotine Anonymous: Roger F.

Topic: Banning

One member made a request to have his original name unbanned from meetings. This is to be reviewed by moderators. We have no time frames on banning, nor do we have a time table for the banning. Generally, Paltalk-scene will drop them off the list after a period of time from our understanding.

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